RT1 Oil Product Line

Want your clutches to last longer?

Brinn RT1 Transmission Fluid is specially formulated for our Brinn internal clutch transmissions.


Our fluid will help your gears and bearings last longer and is less expensive than many other fluids on the market.

Premium multi-viscosity fluid with performance proven additive enhancement system, which increases the life of wet clutch systems and provides exceptional anti-wear protection for your transmission.


Our racing transmission fluid provides excellent rust and corrosion protection as well as system cleaners. It properly lubricates critical bearings, shafts and gears, reducing gear noise that is common in spur gear driven transmissions. Our racing transmission fluid has an excellent resistance to oxidation breakdown caused by heat.


Brinn Racing Transmission is the only fluid recommended for the Brinn Predator transmission and is made in the USA.


  • Racing Transmission Fluid is available in the following sizes:
    • 70651 Fluid – RT1, 12 Pack Case of 500 ml Bottles
    • 70652 Fluid – RT1, 500 ml Bottle Single
    • 70659 Fluid – RT1, Gallon Size