Our services

Racing & Aftermarket Components

Our engineers have successfully designed and manufactured custom racing and aftermarket automotive and OEM applications.

Replacement Parts & Supplies

Brinn, Inc. provides our customers with a full range of replacement parts and supplies needed to rebuild your transmission, cooling systems, and more.

Product Design & Manufacturing

We help our clients develop new product lines or improve existing products. Our engineering staff will oversee each project from conception to production.

Transmission Rebuild Service

Let us service your Original or Pro Transmission. We can professionally rebuild your transmission to like-new condition.






Brinn products are machined and assembled in a 117,000 square foot manufacturing facility that is certified ISO 9001:2000. Our engineers have designed and manufactured custom racing and aftermarket automotive and OEM applications.


Engineers and Staff

We provide a full array of machining capabilities along with assembly, packaging, warehousing and shipping services. Our full support staff is available to handle your engineering, manufacturing, quality and customer needs.


Pro-Series Patent

Best known for its 2-speed circle track racing transmission, Herb Brinn designed and still builds the very popular and durable Brinn transmission used for short track racing. Brinn Inc. also holds a patent for the “Pro-Series” transmission that is marketed as the lowest rotating weight transmission on the circle track market.


Modeling in a 3D Environment

Brinn Inc. uses Solid Edge 3D model software. Modeling in a 3D environment greatly streamlines the design and manufacturing process. Other advantages are integration with CAM programs, revision level tracking, part images and streamlined advertising of products.







Since 1988 Brinn Inc. has been a leader in designing and manufacturing various components for the racing and aftermarket automotive industries. Brinn Inc. takes pride in being a forerunner of performance, quality, reliability, and innovation.


Cooling System Components

Brinn, Inc. has produced aluminum radiators for racing, aftermarket automotive, and OEM applications. We produce high quality machined aluminum components and welded fabrications that re used in cooling systems.


Lean Manufacturing Cells

We design, manufacture, and use lean cells for in-house assembly and can build lean cells for your facility as well and have built cells with multiple tables that include assembly, testing, cleaning and packaging. The design and work flow will depend on your requirements and the design of your shock absorber.


Whether you choose to use our brand name products in your vehicle or allow us to assist with the design and manufacturing of your products, we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.



Transmission and Drivetrain Products

We have designed and manufactured transmissions and drivetrain products for over 20 years. Brinn Inc. can provide assembled transmissions as well as components such as gears and shafts. Private labeled products include steel a-frames, differentials, drive flanges, and hubs. Contact us for more information.


Related Components

Our precision machining capabilities that allow us to produce components such as piston rods, bodies, pistons, compression valves, pressure tubes, etc. We are also a source for gas cells, foam cells, rod end bearings, isolator bushings, mounting hardware and more. Brinn, Inc. is also one of the few manufacturers that can supply OEM shock absorber components.







We have the tools and know how to rebuild and repair your transmission to like new condition. Make sure your rebuild center offers the same services that Brinn Inc. offers. 


Trained Personnel

All work is performed by trained personnel who work directly with Brinn Inc. engineers to ensure your transmission is rebuilt properly.


Magnafluxed Gears & Shafts

All gears and splined shafts are Magnafluxed to check for cracks and other damage that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This process ensures that we will find damaged parts before they break on the race track.


Runout Check

All output shafts are checked for runout using gauge room quality inspection equipment. Excessive runout can cause vibration and damage parts. Let us find it before it creates problems.


Full & Partial Rebuilds

Brinn Inc. can service the clutch or provide a complete rebuild. Brinn Inc. will always visually inspect the entire transmission and let you know what work needs to be done. Brinn Inc. will complete the work only after your approval. There are no hidden costs.

Please call us for a RMA number before returning any products.